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Native French Tutors in Taiwan. Dynamic Math tutor too

Certified French Teacher and Math Teacher.

Female French tutor in Taipei

French lessons tailored to your needs

To be successful, learning French needs more than just the basics, in class and online.

Subpar coursework leads to the same results.

A French tutor that is well–qualified, patient, has the experience and can teach you the French you need to know in a more interactive way.

So you can learn what you want, learn more from our French tutors.

I am a professional native French coach and trainer with an original love for nature, people, and training. See how I can help you become a better version of yourself, a better learner of French language.

By using an online platform such as French-Tutor-Taipei you can choose a French tutor in Taipei.




Male French tutor living in Taipei
Male French tutor living in Taipei

Take a French class closer to home

Take a French class located in Taipei

French lessons centrally located, for example, near Taipei 101, Daan Park, CKS Memorial Hall, Shilin night market rather than relying on online courses and learning materials

Female French tutor living in Taipei
Female French tutor living in Taipei


personalized course

Build a personalized course schedule according to your needs, at your convenience, ensuring that your course progresses as best as possible

Helene Fournier

Very quick feedback

Our French tutor is very familiar and able to help you progress. Get your first outcome!


Featured Courses

French in Group

in business since 2001. We give trustworthiness and exert to our tutors.

Business French

Foremost, French tutor does not provide its customers with false promises.

Executive French

Quick reply when you need help.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

You can make a request but most of French people do not work on weekends, sorry.

It’s a minimum of 2 hours/week else youreally will not see any results.

Contact us but most of teachers are in Taipei city.

Yes, else it is difficult to make progress.

Absolutely not! You decide to stop when you want. The same for the teacher, he/she is free to stop teaching any student.