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Private French Teacher living in Taiwan between Taipei, Tainan and Kaohsiung

About us, Private French Teachers in Taiwan in 2024

  •  1. We are native French speakers: from France, not from Canada. 
  • The team is made of 5 to 12 teachers, the number varies because some teachers go back to France or move to other countries, and some new teachers join our team regularly throughout the year.
  • Here are some information about some of the teachers:
  • in January 2024, there are 5 men and 5 women.
  • Prénom Marc, homme vient de Paris, 
  • Prénom Anne, femme vient de Saint-Etienne près de Lyon.
  • Prénom Patrick, homme vient de Limoges dans la région du Limousin, Centre.
  • Prénom Michael, homme vient de Marseille, sud de la France.
  • Prénom Pierre, homme vient de Caen dans la région de Normandie.
  • Prénom Sarah, femme vient de la région parisienne.
  • Prénom Isabelle, femme vient de Lille, nord de la France.
  • âge entre 28 et 55 ans, information personnelle non donné car respect de la vie privé.
  • expérience avec les enfants de 6 à 17 ans, et avec les adultes
  • On ne peut pas accepter les bébés, ou les enfants de moins de 5 ans à cause de la responsabilité.
  • On organise aussi des sorties avec les enfants, ils peuvent venir avec leur nounou indonésiennes ou philipines
  • 2. We are Experienced in teaching French: we learned the skills on the ground at the European School, and with many years of tutoring.
  • 3. Friendly, patient, and encouraging: this is our motto.
  • 4. We are Flexible in our approach to teaching: because we know that every student has different learning styles.
  • 5. We are knowledgeable in the language and culture of France.
  • 6. We are able to provide guidance and feedback: Feedback is essential to improving your language skills.
  •  7. Able to enhance the learning experience: our GOAL, our reward is to help you improve your French language ability.
  • 8. We live in Taiwan: Taipei, Tainan and Kaohsiung.

What kind of French Tutor in Taiwan in 2024 would you like?

  •  1. A native French speaker: Get the real deal when learning French. Native French speakers are the best choice when mastering the language. 
  • 2. Experienced in teaching French: Find a tutor who has plenty of teaching experience and knows how to effectively break down complex concepts into understandable pieces. 
  • 3. Friendly, patient, and encouraging: Learning a language can be challenging, so find a tutor who will be able to provide you with the encouragement and patience you need to stay motivated. 
  • 4. Flexible in their approach to teaching: Every student has different learning styles and goals, so it’s important to find a tutor who is able to adapt to your needs. 
  • 5. Knowledgeable in the language and culture of France: You’ll want to find someone who can not only teach you the language but also provide you with an understanding of French culture. 
  • 6. Able to provide guidance and feedback: Feedback is essential to improving your language skills, so find a tutor who is able to provide you with constructive criticism. 
  •  7. Able to provide materials and resources to enhance the learning experience: Look for a tutor who is able to provide you with materials and resources that will help you improve your French.

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